Michael Malitowski

As a child he just couldn't stay still. No wonder that dancing came to him naturally at the age of 8 and it quickly became his way of life. Always true to himself, he based his innovative, holistic style on total harmony of psychical and physical aspects of dancing. Being an artist, Michael praises aesthetic values and audience feelings the most. “Competing through performing has made all my dreams come true” claims World Professional Latin Champion. Bringing together natural dynamics and professional exactness, basic and modern choreography, hard work and pure fun, he inspires dancers around the world to find their own personal styles.

Joanna Leunis

Ambitious, persistent and extremely skilful. She became the youngest World Amateur Champion at 18. Millions famous spins later, she proudly wears the crown of the queen of Professional Latin Dance. Although she is World Champion and one of the most successful dancers in history, she modestly claims that audience appreciation is the ultimate reward. “The essence of dancing is this unique feeling, when you see people experiencing the deepest emotions expressed in your body movements. I hope it happens every time I am on the dance floor”.

Winners & Champions

World Professional Latin2008, 2009
European Professional Latin2007–2012
Polish Professional Latin2002–2010
World Professional Showdance2002, 2004
European Professional Showdance2004, 2005
British Professional Open2008–2015
UK Professional Open2007–2015
International Professional Open2005–2011; 2013-2014

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